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NTFS -618 Facial Steamer (NEW) 0
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6.5 ر. ع

NTFS -618 Facial Steamer (NEW)

الخوير، مسقط
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NTFS -618 Facial Steamer (NEW) Description: Pore ​​cleaning, deep hydration Check: Setting 0/1/2 Improving blood circulation in the face Used for hot steam on the sauna surface. For pore cleansing, deep hydration and facial cleansing. Dig out pores, remove grease and cleanse the skin. Supports blood circulation of the face, refreshes. Filled with water, maintains the water balance of the skin, increases the elasticity of the skin. Provides relief from colds and sinus problems. It can be used with incense or essential oils, which you can enjoy at home in the aromatherapy sauna. Helps eliminate fatigue, remove pouches and black cap. Steaming time 15-20 minutes. On / off switch. Control of three gears. Energy savings and environmental friendliness can save more than 40% of energy. Precise temperature control Price 6.5/-RO Deliver : All over Oman Insta-Gram:Skygadgets. om Call or Whatsapp (عرض رقم الهاتف)
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